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Production line

The product line of the company is full automatic controlled by software devices. The full system of CIP, full automatic system (PLC) and also frequent monitoring of the all control points (CCP) in production process lead to produce a smooth product with highest quality standards. This complex, with an experienced cadre and qualified and technical experts in production, and also by full production plants and a laboratory equipped with R&D section is studying new productions plans .Currently, capacity of company line production depends on the product volume and is about daily 150-200 ton.

Table margarine

HALAVAT table margarine are formulated so that it has a taste and tissue exactly like the butter, in addition to have highest nutritional value (due to having aided nutritive foods). Adding material such as milk powder, lecithin, vitamins A, D, E has resulted in improving the nutritional value of the product. Fatty acids of omega3 and omega6 and lack of the harmful fatty acids are other quality features of this product. Table margarine packs are presented to the market in 10-15-25-50-100-200-250 gram weight with aluminum wrap and 10-250gram cup container (frame-seal).

Doogh is one of the products is insulate of milk, that from old in has a special place our culture.

Doogh cause is a cold nature , Improves to heat exhaustion sign,fatigure and thirst. Lantana Doogh is a by-product of butter ,and it has this company with a unique flavor and highest quality product.Butter doogh (buttermilk) is by-product of cream ,it is kind of drink fermentative، for transfer Acid milk to cream, then obtained Butter doogh (buttermilk) traditional sour, is one of the drink native in Iran, for people with alimentary pains ,is better of drink milk.

Butter doogh (buttermilk) is containing rose petal very aromatic and nourishing heart, liver, nervation ,and refreshing, is the best Of drink utilizable with food is Butter doogh (butter milk)

This product has a lot of potassium, Vitamin B12, calcium, phosphorus, in make of biscuits and used a series of culinary material like soup, butter doogh (buttermilk) drink has a High nutritional value and has Fewer calories than milk and cream.


The company started with production of butter by fully automatic machines for producing this product in volumes of 10 and 20 kg and packaging of 10,15,25,50,100,200,250 gr with the Lantana brand.

This post is also available in: العربية فارسی

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